Travel & Relocation
    Travel & Relocation Systems and Services

    Services include eTravel system administration, eTravel system reports, travel authorization and voucher processing, travel corrections, travel reconciliations, travel reporting and metrics, and travel voucher audits. Relocation & Travel services include relocation counseling, relocation authorization and voucher processing, shipment and storage of household goods, reconciliations, tax calculations, tax reporting, relocation voucher audits, and relocation reports.

    Services Include:

    • Set-up, modify, maintain eTravel System users, organizational structures, routing templates
    • Coordination with Human Resources, agency organization and employee for Permanent Change of Stations
    • Travel Card Administration
    • Set-up and maintain travel card users and accounts; Set-up and maintain Centrally Billed Accounts
    • Travel card issuance, reconciliations and audits; Travel card usage reports
    • Travel Card Monitoring

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