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   National Wireless Program

Managing and simplifying the ever growing federal mobile connected workforce.

National Wireless Program

Welcome to the new National Wireless Program (NWP) website.

  • "Hot Topics" will bring you the latest NWP news to keep you informed about what’s going on.
  • "Request Forms" will list all the available automated request forms, more will be added soon.
  • "FAQ" is being developed to provide answers to many of your questions. If you have any questions, send them to the NWP by clicking on the “Contact NWP” tab.
  • "Reports" will list the LOB Usage and Inventory Reports link, more will be added soon.

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Safety While Driving
"Federal Employees shall not engage in text messaging (a) while driving GOV, or driving POV while on official business, or (b) when using electronic equipment supplied by the Government while driving." Per Executive Order 13513

Hot Topics

Please be aware that there may be delays in processing your Verizon requests. NWP is working diligently with the carrier to resolve the current issues related to their ordering process. We remain committed to providing you with excellent customer service and anticipate these issues will be resolved quickly. If you have concerns about a ticket, please contact the NWP Help Desk at 405-954-5408 or email the NWP at 9-NATL-Wireless-Program@faa.gov.

Authorized List of Wireless Devices Now on Web Site
Click to view the Authorized Device List

To help our wireless users/customers be better informed, the NWP has added information on Authorized wireless devices to our website for faster review. Select the Request Forms tab on the left of the NWP website. There is a link near the top of the forms page that displays the Authorized Device List. These include cell phones, Mifi’s, Smartphones and cellular iPad’s, which include GB size for smartphone and cellular iPad devices.

A selected device when requested may not always be available, which in that case, an NWP representative will contact you for an acceptable replacement.

Does the hotspot work while I am talking on the phone?

Yes, if the correct settings are enabled. Under the settings, go to Cellular and Cellular Data Options. Enable LTE Voice and Data, if they are not selected. This allows you to connect to your hot spot on your phone, while talking on the phone. NWP tested both carriers and as long as LTE voice and data are selected on your phone then you will not lose your hot spot while making a call.

Can I keep my wireless device if I change LOB’s?

If you are relocating and changing LOB’s you can keep your device with your management's approval. NWP can move the device to the new LOB and/or change the phone number. Contact your MSC here for further information.

Tips & Tricks

Activating your Wireless Device.

Have you ever needed to activate a wireless device but didn’t know what to do?
If you need assistance activating your wireless device CLICK HERE to contact the NWP Help Desk. New lines should be active upon receipt. A wireless device that is being replaced or ported cannot be activated until you receive it. Upon receipt, contact the NWP Help Desk and request an activation ticket be opened.

Canceling a line of service.

Do you know when to cancel your line of service (phone number)?
If you order a replacement phone or port your phone number from a different carrier, do NOT submit a Cancellation form. You will keep your existing number. No action is needed on your part. Only submit a Cancellation form if you no longer want to keep your phone number. If your device is lost or stolen, call the NWP Help Desk at 405-954-5408 and ask to suspend your line. Suspension only suspends the number which can be added back anytime or after a period of time the number is automatically added back.

National Wireless is continually striving to improve our support to customers. Your feedback is a valuable tool in assisting us in that endeavor. Please contact us if you see an area on the website you feel can be improved or clarified. Contact NWP.

Multi-colored forms.

Request Forms

MSC approval is required for ALL wireless requests for AFN, ARP and ATO. This includes iPhones, Cellular iPads, Cellular Phones, Datacards, Satellite Phones and International Features.

For all other organizations, only Cellular iPad, iPhone, and International Features requests must be submitted by the MSC. Click Here to find your MSC...

Click to view the ****Authorized Device List****

Bulk Order Form...

Use this form when placing an order for a wireless device from 2 to 25 devices. The AITS/Property and Shipping information must be the same for the entire Bulk Order. Once the spreadsheet is completed, attach the spreadsheet to the email with the embedded form. Forward email with attachment to 9-NATL-Wireless-Program@faa.gov.

Mass Inventory Change Form...

Use this form to make mass inventory changes from 2 to 25 devices. Once the spreadsheet is completed, attach the spreadsheet to the email with the embedded form. Forward email with attachment to 9-NATL-Wireless-Program@faa.gov.

New Line Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to order a new device from the desired carrier.

Replacement Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to order a replacement device for an existing user. (Example: currently have device with the carrier, would like a new device with the same number and carrier.)

New Line of Service on an Existing Device...

Use this form only to request the NWP to establish new service on a device you have on hand. (Example: This is a device you have already and just need a new number assigned to it).

Porting Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to change your wireless service from one cellular phone carrier to another cellular phone carrier, but keep your current cellular number. Porting will require the ordering of a new device. (Example: You currently have the phone number 123-456-7890 with Verizon, but AT&T has better coverage, so you would like to change to AT&T and keep your number 123-456-7890.)

International Features (Add or Cancel) Form...

Smartphone or cellular iPad requests must be submitted by your Mobility Services Coordinator. Use this form only to request the NWP to add or cancel International coverage to your existing device. Please do not use this form to request a new device. If traveling internationally, your Mobility Services Coordinatior (MSC) should consult with ASH to see if the country is a "Country of Interest", if it is, a loaner device is required and the MSC should follow their Rules and Responsibilities.

Equipment Swap Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to switch one device to another device you have on hand. (Example: move my phone number from my current device to an extra device we have in the office. The devices must be for the same carrier to complete the swap (Verizon to Verizon, etc.))

Cancellation Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to cancel wireless services to a device. (Example: device is no longer needed within an organization or the organization no longer wants to provide funding for the device). Also, when disposing of wireless devices, the old device will remain active until you submit a Cancellation. For more information, see our Disposal & Recycling.

User Name Change Form...

Use this form only to request the NWP to change the user of an assigned device. (Example: change user from Jon Doe to Jane Smith)

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on each question below to expand and contract additional information. Additional FAQs will be added soon, please continue to check for updates.

Why can’t NWP wireless users contact the carrier directly?...

Why has my MiFi data slowed down?...

When I request a new datacard (MiFi, datacard, etc.), does the National Wireless Program automatically cancel the number of the old datacard?...

What if I cannot find a form for a request?...

Are the iPhone 7 and cellular iPad 9.7 Authorized?...

Is my BlackBerry device still supported?...

Property Question’s:

    Do I need to upload my cellular device to AITS?...

    What changes have been made to the NWP Property Auto Upload?...

    Why hasn’t my AITS transfer of disposal devices been accepted?...

Cell Phones in Trash Can

Disposal & Recycling

All old, obsolete devices, or damaged (cell phones, BlackBerrys, cellular iPads, iPhones, datacards, MiFi’s) must be returned to the NWP to be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Unrequired wireless devices must be transferred from the site to the National Wireless Program (NWP) office in lieu of reporting devices as excess. You can refer to Personal Property Bulletin 16-23, for more information on the process for reporting and transferring unrequired wireless devices to the NWP.

Prior to shipping to the NWP, clear the device and reset it to the original manufacturer’s settings. To reset your device, please refer to the user’s manual as it provides instructions for resetting/wiping the device. If you do not have the user's manual, refer to the carrier’s website. Most carrier websites have the device user manual.

Device Disposal Guidance

You may ship using which ever method your organization prefers. Shipping cost is covered by your organization. Please note FedEx guidance or USPS guidance 349.222 on shipping Lithium-ion batteries.

Please ensure you have completed a Cancellation Form found on NWP website for all datacards/Mifi’s and for phones not getting a replacement/upgrade.

Informational Resources


Reports on KSN

Inventory Reports/Usage Reports click HERE.

To request access to these reports, please click "Contact NWP" and send an email to NWP Customer Support.

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Contact NWP

Customer Support Phone Number
(405) 954-5408

Customer Support Email Address


Federal Aviation Administration
Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center
Attention: National Wireless Program
MPB Room 267
6500 S. MacArthur Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73169

National Wireless Program

The National Wireless Program (NWP) was established in August of 2005 by the FAA to provide best in government life-cycle management of cellular and satellite devices. The NWPO helps manage and simplify the ever growing mobile connected workforce and provides cost savings while dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership to Federal Government Agencies. The NWP currently manages an inventory of more than 21,000 wireless devices.

  • Contract & funding management
  • Invoice & dispute management
  • Procurement & provisioning of smartphones & media tablets (iOS, Android, Windows), cellphones, MiFi devices, data cards, M2M & satellite
  • Device setup & bar coding
  • Pre-packaging & distribution/shipping
  • Inventory management
  • Usage & optimization management
  • End of life re-cycling/disposal
  • Service desk for End-User support
  • Executive 'White Glove' services