Remote Administrators of The Enterprise Services Center
Vol.9 Issue 2

As Team Lead for the Enterprise Services Center’s (ESC) Remote Administration Team, I am proud to say that I have been a federal employee with the FAA for 14 years. In February 2008, I joined the team as a Chickasaw Nation Industries (CNI) Contractor. In December of 2009, I became a Federal Employee. In November of 2018, I was promoted to Team Lead.

Unless you are an ESC supported customer, you may not have heard of the Remote Administrators (RA). The RAs, formed 15 years ago, is a 2nd Level Support team at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, consisting of four team members. We provide 6am-6pm support Monday through Friday. We support the following organizations: AMK, AMC, AMP, AJW-L, AMA, AAQ -710-720 & AAP - 600.

The word "remote" succinctly describes our job, as all our work is done through remote access to customer’s machines. We utilize a remote access program called Bomgar, which allows us to remotely view users’ computer screens to see an issue firsthand or apply Admin Rights, if needed, to accomplish our fixes and installs.

Prior to COVID the RAs were based at the MMAC and would (in rare cases) go on site to assist a customer. My team has been in 100% telework status since March 2019, which has proven to be a great fit for us. Productivity has been maintained working remotely.

We troubleshoot, configure and correct software issues, install or remove software, and install software updates, and general software and we process questions. We also work with MyIT on behalf of our customers, regarding the following: mail group and mailbox modifications, creations, or deletions; resource modifications, creations or deletions; departing employee requests; network account (only new set ups and account renames). This also includes miscellaneous email issues or network account issues.

The RAs are responsible for managing the MMAC Broadcast mailbox. Broadcasts are sent from 9-AMC-Broadcast to everyone at the Aeronautical Center as directed by the Communications Team. We have created a Broadcast Messages Process Guideline that the Communications Team follows.

The RAs also created the AMC Messaging Process document found on the PC Helpdesk Website. This guide explains the proper procedures to submit a request for modifications to Distributions Lists and Shared Mailboxes.

Communication is vital for our team to work well together. We are continually sharing information and have a central point of gathered information called the RA Hub, where fixes, processes and various other information is documented.

Being an RA and leading this amazing team over the years has been very fulfilling and I look forward to many more rewarding years of working together.

Some members of the Remote Administration Team (L-R) Ron Arredondo, Rebekah McBride, and Greg Richards.
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