The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC
Vol.9 Issue 2
The TARMAC  Training ARound MMAC

Mandatory Training

All employees are encouraged to work ahead to complete the mandatory training course Security Awareness Training (FAA30050042). The FAA requires 100% completion of this course by the deadline. Please check your eLMS learning profile to complete this course at your earliest convenience. Below are additional details on this training.

Additional details on Security Awareness Training course.

CPR Training

Do you know what to do in the event of an emergency in the workplace, or in your personal life for that matter? As employees of the FAA, we have NO COST training available that could help save a life.

FAA aims to have more employees CPR/AED certified and training completed within the agency. Register for either on-site or remote training classes by contacting This training is open to FAA employees and contractors who are not medical professionals.

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin suffered an on-field cardiac arrest, which he survived. He survived because of the immediate CPR that was provided. FAA employees, who are ordinary people, can and have performed the same procedures that helped save the life of Hamlin.

Dates Register
Mar 9
Mar 28

Cloverleaf Assessments


As part of the Career Development On-Demand (CDO) program, AHD offers Cloverleaf Assessments to build great work teams and improve employee engagement using assessments. Learn more about yourself and your self-awareness by recognizing your preferences across personality, strengths, and culture assessments. This tool is available and open to all FAA non-managers on Cloverleaf. To learn more about all the opportunities in the Career Development On-Demand program, visit: CAREER DEVELOPMENT ON-DEMAND ( Watch for more information on the CDO program soon!

Accountability Board

Accountability Board Training (FAA30200177) will educate all FAA employees and encourage awareness regarding the prevention of harassment – hostile work environment which includes sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and other types of inappropriate behavior either virtually or in-person. FAA executives, managers, employees, and contractors will gain an understanding of the Accountability Board process, discuss transparent work-life scenarios and the consequences of creating a hostile or offensive work environment. Additional information on this course can be found here: Training Opportunities (

WorkLife Solutions


WorkLife Solutions helps balance work life and everything else in your life. You may be juggling an early commute, working late, carpooling to soccer games, worrying about your aging parents, thinking about retirement, and finding time to exercise. Uncover a new set of resources for balancing work and life while taking care of yourself and your loved ones with the following webinar sessions for February listed below. Additional information on the WorkLife program can be found here: WorkLife: Webinar Series for Caring for Aging Loved Ones (

Useful Training Links:

eLMS and Blackboard Resource Center AMC FAA Academy: FAA Catalog of Training
Career Resource Guide eLMS Helpdesk
ACQ – Acquisition Career Management, AAP-300 FY23 Payroll & Holiday Calendars

MMAC PL-1’s & Training Coordinators

Please feel free to contact your organization’s Training Coordinator with any questions or for more information on the MMAC Training Program.

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