Giving a Gift that No One Expects
Vol.9 Issue 1
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For over sixty years, the Mutual Aid Pledge System (MAPS) has had a vital presence at the Aeronautical Center. MAPS is a voluntary, employee-operated organization. There is no fee to join, and the program represents an opportunity for families to help other families. The concept is simple, whenever a MAPS member passes away, a $5 donation is made from all MAPS members and then that collection is delivered to the desired beneficiary. The more members there are, the more money that can be delivered to the beneficiary.

Many people don’t realize that financial assets become frozen when people pass away, and insurance policies do not pay quickly. If you become a MAPS member, then your beneficiary receives monies within days of your passing. The money can be used for whatever is desired. It can be used to pay for a funeral, purchase groceries, make a mortgage payment or whatever needs exist.

Most everyone at the Aeronautical Center is eligible to join the MAPS program. Any full-time employee or full-time contractor serving an appointment of 1-year or more is eligible to participate. Employees of tenant organizations can participate as long as the employee is physically located at the Aeronautical Center. True Sky Credit Union employees and permanent (non-Civil Service) employees of the FAA Employees Association are also eligible.

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