Have an Interest in Leadership – Apply for the Aspiring Managers Program
Vol.7 Issue 8
PEL Graduate Testimonial

If you have an interest in accelerating your career and getting into the FAA’s leadership pipeline, then the Aspiring Managers Program (AMP) is for you. The AMP replaces the Program for Emerging Leaders (formerly known as PEL) and is equipped to provide employees with key leadership competencies required for new first-level managers.

To be eligible for the program, you must be a high-potential non-manager and have a minimum of two years with the FAA while also having the eligibility to apply for managerial positions by November 15, 2021. The program offers several objectives:

  • Provide a realistic view of first-level managerial leader responsibilities and challenges, including keys to successfully transition from an individual contributor role

  • Build agency understanding and enterprise perspective

  • Identify and close gaps in leadership competencies

  • Build connections and network with colleagues across the FAA

The purpose of the program is to prepare high-potential employees for success in first-level manager positions. The AMP is an entry point to the agency’s new Enterprise Succession Planning Process to grow and sustain the pool of potential leadership candidates.

To apply for the Aspiring Managers Program go to the 2021 AMP Application or visit FAA30202820 in eLMS to download the form. All completed applications must be received by November 15, 2021 to be considered.

The upcoming program includes:

  • Visual orientation in late March 2022
  • Three 3-day seminars planned for April 5-7, July 12-14, and November 1-3, 2022
  • Developmental activities and assignments between seminars
  • Involves a 9-month commitment to the program

If you have any questions about this program, please forward them to AMP-EELP@faa.gov .

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