The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC
Vol.7 Issue 8
The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC

It’s been said that the person who cares most about your career is… YOU! While there are many good managers, supervisors, and mentors who care deeply about their people and invest in their development, the fact remains that the person most invested in your career is you. So, what are you doing to develop your career?

Career development is the on-going process of improving skills to develop a career over time. Attaining self-knowledge and exploring career options are important aspects of the career planning process. Career growth is up to you — the individual. Taking time to focus on your career development can enhance your knowledge and skills, and assist in growing your leadership competencies. Employee development also has the added effect of contributing to the growth of your organization.

AFN recently published an exciting and helpful guide to developing your career: the Career Development FY 2022 Resource Guide. This important document explores important tools such as the Individual Development Plan (IDP), a developmental partnership between employees and their supervisors which serves as a sort of roadmap for career development. The Resource Guide also describes various Training Programs available to FAA members, including the FAA Leadership and Learning Institute (FLLI), eLMS Training Programs, and more!

Additionally, information on developmental programs such as the Aspiring Managers Program (AMP), FAA Mentoring Programs, and the Emerging Enterprise Leaders Program (EELP) is provided. For concentrated and focused career development, be sure to check out the sections on detail assignments. Finally, the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center also offers several specific career development programs. Check out all of these and more in the Career Development FY 2022 Resource Guide! It’s time for your career to take flight!


Mandatory LMS Training

Upcoming Mandatory LMS Training::

  • (FAA30201371) ASH Security Awareness Virtual Initiative (ASH SAVI); Required Audience: FTE’s: Due December 31, 2021

Rolling Mandatory Training:

  • (FAA30202422) How to Make a Reasonable Suspicion Determination for Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30202708) Accountability Board Training for FAA Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.

Stay tuned for mandatory training courses to be added in the near future! Check your Learning Plan in eLMS for the latest information and training requirements.


FAA Leadership & Learning Institute

The Federal Leadership and Learning Institute (FLLI) has launched their FY22 Training Catalog! Visit the FLLI website for the complete FLLI FY22 Training Catalog and FLLI FY22 Delivery Schedule. Class registration for 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter classes is now open, with 3rd and 4th Quarter class registrations opening early in 2022. The current plan is for all 1st Quarter classes to be held virtually, with in-person classes being phased-in starting in the 2nd Quarter of FY22.

As a reminder, FLLI Course enrollment is by self-registration only. Managers are responsible for registering themselves in FLLI classes. MMAC Training Coordinators are available to assist and guide managers if needed. Please contact your MMAC Training Coordinator for more information. For more information, please visit:


Please feel free to contact your organization’s Training Coordinator with any questions or for further information on the MMAC Training Program.

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