University Flight School Ranked as Number One College-Based Flight School
Vol.8 Issue 8
The University of Oklahoma Flight School has been in existence for 75 years. Courses are taught at OU-owned Max Westheimer Airport with class D airspace and full precision approaches.

As the aviation industry continues to face a severe pilot shortage, there are few businesses out there trying to attract the next generation of pilots. Oliver Wyman, a consulting management firm states that the industry is facing a deficit of 8,000 pilots, or 11% of the total workforce, and states that the shortfall could reach 30,000 pilots by the year 2025.

The University of Oklahoma is certainly doing their part, as they are leading the nation in aerospace education and are continuing to expand their reach to meet the state’s and industry’s growing demand for new student pilots. The University earned this ranking with a $10 million expansion to accommodate hundreds more students.

At present, there are over 14,500 open pilot positions in existence. In just ten years, a shortfall of 80,000 trained pilots is projected. The University’s School of Aviation Studies is moving to a new academic home in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Studies. This means that two number one internal programs, the Aerospace Program will be housed within the Meteorology Program. It is anticipated that having these three Colleges co-located, allows the program to further grow their degree possibilities.

As many colleges and businesses are doing what they can to address the pilot shortage, it appears that the University of Oklahoma is on target for their efforts in creating a pilot pipeline, while commercial airlines are looking to move their pilot training programs in-house.

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