The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC
Vol.8 Issue 8
The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC


There are multiple mandatory training courses with upcoming deadlines. The trainings are highlighted below. Please check your eLMS learning profile to complete any required courses.

Name of Course Audience
Annual Ethics Training (FAA30200432) Audience: Confidential 450 Filers and Public 278 Filers ONLY
DOT No Fear Act of 2002 Training (FAA30200003) All FAA Employees including Executives, New hires to complete within 30 days
Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging While Driving Training (FAA30202707) All FAA Employees including Executives, New hires to complete within 30 days

IMPORTANT! Edge is the Recommended Browser for eLMS Training:

Internet Explorer 11 has been removed from all FAA computers. Edge is now, and will be the recommended browser going forward to take online training with eLMS unless otherwise specified for a particular course. If your course does not launch, bookmark, or automatically record a completion while using Edge, please email the eLMS and Blackboard helpdesk.

2022 Open Season Webinars:

To help you prepare for Open Season the Benefits Operations Center (BOC) is presenting multiple webinars through December 2022. Here is a link to currently scheduled 2022 Open Season Webinars: 2022 Open Season Webinars (

Keep an eye out for updates to the BOC Seminars page and future broadcasts to find out more!

Skillsoft Percipio is now Available:

Skillsoft has been upgraded to Percipio, which brings users a more current interface, more learning methodologies, and newer courses. For additional information, explore the new homepage while building out the type of content you are interested in. To access Percipio, sign in using MyAccess.

New User and Refresher PRISM Training:

Due to the needed flash updates in eLMS, the PRISM team is hosting online Instructor Led Training. This training is for NEW USERS and/or Users needing a REFRESHER course. To register for the training courses, please select this link for the training schedule and follow the instructions provided. Note that training is not mandatory for active/current existing PRISM Users.


Please feel free to contact your organization’s Training Coordinator with any questions or for more information on the MMAC Training Program.

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