New MMAC Decal Reminder
Vol.8 Issue 4
New MMAC Vehicle Decal

The Office of Facility Management (AMP) Team has extended the expiration date of the previous MMAC vehicle decals from January 31, 2022, to June 30, 2022. Center access with the old decal will not be granted after this date.

New vehicle decals are currently being issued at the Pass & ID office. The next time you are on Center, please visit the Pass & ID Desk at the Security Command Center (Building 230) to obtain a new vehicle decal.

You will need to bring the following items with you to receive the new vehicle decal:

  1. Proof of employee/contractor’s status (MMAC Access PIV Badge
  2. Valid motor vehicle operator’s license (Valid State Issued Driver’s License)
  3. MMAC Traffic Safety Briefing Certificate (For new employees only). Federal employees will need to complete eLMS course FAA30050035 and contractors need to contact their supervisors for a paper copy of the briefing.
  4. AC Form 1600.16 MMAC Vehicle Registration (blank forms are available at the Pass & ID desk or on the FAA website HERE.

The completed form requires proof of State issued Registration. Paper/electronic forms are acceptable (photo on your smart phone). Proof of insurance is not necessary as the State issued Vehicle Registration provides it.

We want your return to the Center to be as seamless as possible. Getting this decal updated in a timely manner is another way to do just that.

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