Vol.8 Issue 4
The TARMAC: Training ARound MMAC

Did you know that AMC has a new training coordinator? Please join us in welcoming Debbie Uglean, AMC-003, as the new Training Coordinator for AFN-related organizations at the Center. Debbie has been at the Center in various positions since 2002 and brings an element of high enthusiasm to the position for all things education. “My favorite quote has always been “Education is the one thing that no one can take away from you,” by Elin Nordegren. We are so fortunate as FAA employees of the Aeronautical Center; in that we have a large library of training material available to us at our fingertips (at no cost) through the Learning Management System (eLMS). We can learn something new or enhance what we already know from anywhere, at any time, and at our own pace,” stated Uglean.

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Great news! All Skillsoft courses in eLMS are available on your mobile device. Just navigate to eLMS on your Android, Apple, or Windows powered device, log in via MyAccess, and begin learning today! Questions or issues? Email


Internet Explorer 11 will be removed from all FAA computers by June 29, 2022. Microsoft Edge is now - and will be - the recommended browser going forward to take online training with eLMS, unless otherwise specified for a particular course. If your course does not launch, bookmark, or automatically record a completion while using Edge, please email the eLMS and Blackboard helpdesk.

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There are two mandatory training courses due soon. The trainings are listed below. AFN has a requirement of 100% completion of these courses. Please check your eLMS learning profile to complete the courses that apply to you.

Upcoming Mandatory LMS Training:

  • (FAA30050042) FY22 Information Security & Privacy Awareness (SAT) Federal Leadership on Reducing Text Messaging While Driving Training: Required Audience: All FAA Employees, Executives, Contractors: Due May 31, 2022
  • (FAA30200210) Let’s Talk About Reasonable Accommodation: Required Audience: Managers: Due June 30, 2022 (Note: Completion of this course will also fulfill manager’s annual EEO training requirement)

Rolling Mandatory Training:

  • (FAA30202422) How to Make a Reasonable Suspicion Determination for Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30202708) Accountability Board Training for FAA Managers: Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30200806) Records Management 101: Required Audience: FAA Managers and Employees: Due every 2 Years. Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
  • (FAA30200827) Human Trafficking Awareness Training: Required Audience: FAA Employees, Executives: Due every 3 Years. Please check your LMS Learning plan for your specific training due date.
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The Office of Financial Management has produced a video series discussing various financial topics. The “Dollars and Sense” series is a collection of 2-to-3 minute videos that discuss various financial topics to help FAA employees answer some of their most frequently asked questions. Click the topics to learn more. For the best viewing results, please watch the videos using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge from the FAA Financial Management Microlearning. Employees can also subscribe to receive Dollars & Sense and Money Matters release notices via email on this page.


Please feel free to contact your organization’s Training Coordinator with any questions or for more information on the MMAC Training Program.

  • AMC PL-1: Debbie Uglean, AMC PL-1
  • AMA PL-1/Training Coordinator: Currently Vacant; please contact Justin Cockroft or Cheryl Price for assistance.
  • AMC: Laurie Wichryk, Training Coordinator
  • AMK: Cynde Starnes, Training Coordinator
  • AMP: Bianca So, Training Coordinator
  • AJW-L: Devin Richardson, Training Coordinator
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