Tommy Young Retires from ESC After 20 Years of Service
Vol.8 Issue 2
Tommy Young Retired after 20 years

Tommy Young retired on December 31, 2021, after working over 20 combined years for the FAA as both a contract employee and a full-time federal employee. Young began working at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) as a contractor in February of 2001 and became a Federal employee in July 2011. His expertise lies in having 45-years of accounting experience while having served as an auditor for the Oklahoma State Examiner’s Office. Young eventually transferred to the federal government, working for the FAA as a Financial Systems Operations Specialist in the Enterprise Services Center (ESC) at the Aeronautical Center.

Young provided excellent support to ESC’s customers and was considered an expert in the Accounts Receivable module of ESC’s DELPHI financial system, where he was lauded for his expertise and accomplishments. Known for being a hard worker, Young was a dedicated employee who could always be counted on for providing quality work and was recognized for his positive, upbeat personality. He loved being a part of the Aeronautical Center family, enjoying a campus-like atmosphere filled with family-oriented values. Young made it known that he was proud to work at the Aeronautical Center, stating that this, "was the best job he’d ever had."

While Young will be missed by his co-workers, there’s a good chance that they will see him periodically, as Tommy’s wife Nancy, still works for the FAA. Together, they have seven grandchildren, and are anticipating the arrival of their eighth grandchild in June. They are members of the Sunnylane Family Church in Del City. Anticipating what he will be doing in the future, Young loves the outdoors and anything that is nature related.

While the thought of retirement is still sinking in, Young is holding off making any plans for the future, other than doing some light maintenance around the house. He hopes to keep in touch with his former work family and wishes everyone a safe, healthy, and happy future.

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