Give the Gift of Love – Mutual Aid Pledge System (MAPS)
Vol.8 Issue 2
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If you are looking for a unique gift to give a loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not consider a membership in the Aeronautical Center’s Mutual Aid Pledge System (MAPS)? There is no cost to join. Membership is open to any federal or contractor employee physically working at the Aeronautical Center. Involvement in MAPS means donating $5.00 every time a member within MAPS passes away.

The average death count per year is around 10 people, so the cost to you annually is approximately $50.00 The collected monies are then awarded to the member’s designated beneficiary. The amount delivered varies based on the number of members enrolled in MAPS at the time, but payout per individual death is typically over $9K. Awarded monies can be used to pay for funeral expenses, make a house payment, buy groceries, household expenses or for whatever the beneficiary needs at the time. It’s about families helping families and it’s a one-of-a-kind gift that will long be remembered. These funds have proven to be an incredible relief to many hurting families at the Aeronautical Center.

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To enroll, go to and complete a MAPS Membership form, located under the Sign-up/Change Tab. Then forward your completed form to any one of the MAPS Officers. You will be assigned to a MAPS Representative. Then, a MAPS Representative will notify you whenever there is a death in the MAPS organization. After that, it’s up to you to make your $5 donation within six days of notification. This quick turnaround ensures prompt payment delivery to the beneficiary, a response something that most insurance companies can’t perform very quickly. Characteristically, whenever someone passes away, the deceased person’s assets are frozen and it takes some time before any monies can be awarded or distributed. MAPS ensures prompt payment, usually within the same week of the death, aiding those with some financial comfort during their time of loss. The MAPS program has been in existence for nearly six decades, paying out $6M respectfully to Aeronautical Center families in need.

The MAPS Organization is always looking for new Representatives and Board Members. If you have an interest in serving in either capacity, please notify one of the MAPS officers. This is a great opportunity to help your co-workers as well as your loved ones during their time of need. Consider becoming a MAPS member today.

2021-2022 MAPS Officers
Dina Jones, President
Laura Shepherd-Madsen, Vice-President
Carrell Hutchison, Bookkeeper
Allen Neysa, Secretary

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