Sharing Our Time and Stories
Vol.8 Issue 8
(L-R) Dr. Susan Northrup, FAA Federal Air Surgeon; Stephanie Bice, U.S. Representative for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District; Dr. Melchor Antunano, Director Civil Aerospace Medical Institute; and Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

As Americans, we have two important responsibilities that are only for U.S. Citizens: to vote in federal elections and to serve on a jury. This month our state had over a 50% turnout in our recent voting elections. The government’s power is derived from its people and that is why casting our votes is so important. Late October, we were proud to host Stephanie Bice, U.S. Representative for Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District for her first visit to the Aeronautical Center.

It’s always beneficial when we can share our story, our economic impact, our reach in the community with our elected officials. Knowing who we are, and what our mission is helps our officials to be better informed advocates and to make better decisions on our behalf.

This month we also take great pride in celebrating Native American Alaska Native Heritage Month, recognizing rich, diverse cultures, traditions and histories to acknowledge the significant influences of the Native peoples. As noted in H.J. Res. 577 "Native American Indians were the original inhabitants of the lands that now constitute the United States of America." We owe much to them for their immeasurable contributions to our nation.

The Aeronautical Center’s Office of Facility Management is to be commended for helping create an incredible work environment that embraces sustainability across our entire premises. We hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Center’s solar array farm that symbolizes the largest solar array project across the entire Department of Transportation and the FAA! The list of what the Center is doing with regard to sustainability is long and quite impressive.

Congratulations to the Center’s Energy Management Team for earning the Department of Energy’s 50001 Ready certification.

As fall semesters wrap up at local Universities, we’re hoping that some of our organizations and tenants will consider getting involved with some of the spring 2023 capstone projects. It’s a great opportunity for students and business professionals to share ideas and achieve valued results, helping the Center to better connect with our workforce of the future.

The Employee Engagement Team is hard at work planning some special holiday activities for Center employees. Something special is scheduled for December 6th in the Blue Sky Café, so put it on your calendar. Also, we are awaiting the results of our entry into the competition of being one of Oklahoma’s Top Workplaces. We already know that we have a great work culture, but we’re eager to see how our efforts to further improve our work culture are reflected in this year’s Top Workplace survey.

The end of this month, we are planning to have the long-awaited Pathfinder Awards program. Our keynote speaker is Oklahoma State Senator, Adam Pugh. We hope you will join us in celebrating some of the extraordinary accomplishments at the Center.

And lastly, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." I hope during this season, you will think of those who need help, or who are going without, or who, for whatever reason, have found themselves in a dark place. If you are living comfortably and have the ability to give, please consider donating or volunteering your time through the Combined Federal Campaign. The power to help just one person can be far reaching.


Michelle Coppedge
Director, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center

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