Summer Activities Take-Off at the Aeronautical Center
Vol.8 Issue 4
The Aeronautical Center VIP tour included a visit to Hangar 8. Left to Right: Julie Marks Deputy Director, FAA Office of Environment & Energy Management; Peter Hearding, Deputy Assistant Administrator, FAA Policy, International Affairs & Environment; Michelle Coppedge, MMAC Director; Don Metscher, FPO Maintenance Service Group; Philip McNamara, Assistant Secretary for Administration, US Department of Transportation; Brad Mims, Deputy FAA Administrator; Mike Bianchi, FPO Director of Maintenance; Kevin O’Connor, MMAC Deputy Director; David Lohmeyer, FPO Maintenance Support Group; and Brent Kurapatskie, DOT Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Administration

The AMC Leadership and staff were delighted to host and brief Philip McNamara, Assistant Secretary for Administration, US Department of Transportation and Brad Mims, Deputy FAA Administrator, in addition to other executives from Washington, DC, who were visiting Center on May 17, 2022. Special thanks to all of the organizations that contributed to this full-day, distinctive tour. Our guests thoroughly enjoyed their visit and were able to leave the Center having greater knowledge about the various services that are provided here at our facility. MMAC helps lead the Department in Sustainability efforts and energy efficiencies, which was a special emphasis for this visit/tour.

During the month of May, we celebrated Asian American Native Hawaiian & Pacific Island Heritage Month, along with Public Service Recognition Week. Congratulations are in order to several Aeronautical Center employees who received awards during the recent Oklahoma Federal Executive Board “Excellence in Government” Awards Ceremony.

We were also proud to have hosted another successful MMAC Tech Talk this month with featured guest speakers, Hayley Burns, Consultant and Senior Market Outreach Specialist with CLEAResult, supporting OG&E’s Residential Energy Conservation Program. The Center’s own Certified Energy Manager, Russ Goering shared his insights about some of the Center’s historic sustainability achievements and renewable energy.

For the next couple of months, the True Sky Foundation in partnership with the Aeronautical Center is hosting a day of service at the Regional Foodbank of Oklahoma. For just four hours you could do a world of good in helping our communities, as well as have a lot of fun with fellow employees and members of the community. Please consider signing-up to volunteer and help fight hunger in our state.

Summer is a time for warm temperatures, being outdoors, kids being out of school and summer camps. This summer, after two years of being in protective COVID stance, we are able to partner again with the Metro Technology Center Aviation Campus to host two Aviation Career Education (ACE) Camps, each lasting a week, during the month of June. Other organizations and businesses are hosting summer camps as well, so don’t be surprised if you see some of Oklahoma’s youth touring our Center during the summer months.

As the Center, begins to see more and more activity, we are grateful for everyone’s efforts in working with one another to develop hybrid work schedules. Did you know that the concept of telework actually began back in 1934 with the Federal Credit Union Bureau? They were the first entity that participated in a telework program. Credit union examiners completed their reports at home, and it became a successful practice, and fortunately it continues to be today, as they are still implementing that practice.

The Center’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA) Council is now up and running. They have developed a charter and are eager to get started on some projects. Likewise, the FAA’s Office of Civil Rights is hosting a DEIA Virtual Symposium June 27-30th. The symposium will feature training sessions and discussions from industry leaders who will challenge our perspectives and assist with the development of new ideas to ensure that the FAA continues to be a “Premier Agency” in the federal government.

It’s that time of year again when the Office of Personnel Management rolls out their electronic Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey to assess how employees are experiencing their workplace, polices, practices and leadership. We hope that you’ll take a few minutes out of your schedule to offer your input. It is through surveys like these that we can help to improve our workplace, to learn what is working well, and what improvements are recommended. The survey remains open from May 30th through July 15th. We value your input and hope you’ll take the time to participate.

Stay well and keep hydrated!


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