MMAC Janitorial Services Go Above and Beyond
Vol.7 Issue 8
Dale Rogers Training Center, Promoting

The Operations and Maintenance Division (AMP-300) has a janitorial services contract for the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) that provides, maintains, and manages janitorial services for approximately 1.8 million square feet of space in 91 occupied buildings. The current contractor for the MMAC is Dale Rogers Training Center (DRTC), through Source America. This is a mandatory source of supply program under the AbilityOne Program, formally known as the Javits-Wagner-O’Day Act.

The AbilityOne Program creates jobs and training opportunities for people who are blind or who have other significant disabilities. By requiring government agencies to purchase selected products and services from nonprofit agencies employing such individuals, AbilityOne employees are able to lead productive, independent lives. Currently DRTC employs 59 employees at MMAC. At least 75% of DRTC employees must meet the AbilityOne Program requirements for disabilities.

The message to DRTC’s customers is simple; people with disabilities are essential to the workforce. Services that DRTC provide at MMAC include general cleaning, focused Covid-19 mitigation cleaning, trash pick-up, floor maintenance and recycling. DRTC coordinates all recycling efforts for paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and toner cartridges. Each occupied building that is served at the MMAC has at least one recycling pick-up location. They also support other Oklahomans through their work at Tinker Air Force Base and in downtown Oklahoma City federal buildings.

MMAC Janitorial Services
MMAC Janitorial Services

Below are some highlights of our service schedules:

  • All individual office and cubicle trash receptacles are serviced three times a week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)
  • All common area (breakrooms, lunchrooms, classrooms, restrooms etc.) trash receptacles are serviced daily.
  • All common area cleaning is serviced daily.
  • All carpeted areas will be vacuumed once a week.
  • All recycling pick-up locations will be serviced once a week.

Note: Recycling is only for items used or consumed on center, personal recycling material from home is not allowed.

AMP-300 continually makes improvements and monitors the contractor’s work, but relies on customers like you to report if services fall short in your area. In these instances, please call our Trouble Help Desk by dialing (405) 954-3687. All calls will be tracked and trended for performance and will be monitored for customer satisfaction.

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