Office of Facility Management’’s Operations and Maintenance Division
Vol.8 Issue 7

With most employees returning to work at the Aeronautical Center, the Operations and Maintenance Division (AMP-300) remains ready to serve the MMAC customers in many ways. Whether it’s a trouble call to report a building or janitorial issue, or tracking down a missing package from the mail distribution center, or maybe it’s to get physical or electronic key access, AMP-300 is ready to work for you!

MMAC Operations and Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance Services

AMP-300 manages the operations and maintenance contract for the Aeronautical Center, providing a wide range of maintenance and equipment support services. Any maintenance or repair issues should be reported to the Trouble Call Service desk staff at 405 954-3687. After reporting a problem, a trouble call ticket will be generated in Archibus (an internal database) and the customer will be updated throughout the repair process.

Operations and Maintenance Services strives to provide excellent customer service and quick, efficient maintenance support. As part of these efforts, all customers who enter a trouble call ticket will receive a subsequent customer satisfaction survey to fill out and return. The information received in these completed surveys is vital, ensuring that the Division conforms to its stringent service-level standards and that any customer complaints are addressed promptly and thoroughly.

MMAC Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

AMP-300 manages the janitorial services contract for the Aeronautical Center, which provides services for approximately 1.8 million square feet of space in 91 occupied buildings. Services include general cleaning, trash removal, floor maintenance and recycling. The contractor coordinates recycling for: paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and toner cartridges. Further, each occupied building serviced at the Aeronautical Center has at least one recycling pick-up location. Below is a brief summation of the janitorial services schedule:

  • All individual office and cubicle trash receptacles are serviced two times per week (Wednesday and Friday).
  • All common area (breakrooms, lunchrooms, classrooms, restrooms etc.) trash receptacles are serviced daily.
  • All restrooms will be serviced daily.
  • Most floors will be swept and mopped monthly, except for CAMI, The Launching Pad Childcare Facility, and cafeterias which will be done daily. Breakrooms will be swept and mopped every other week.
  • All carpeted areas will be vacuumed once every other week.
  • All recycling pick-up locations will be serviced once per week.

MMAC Mail and Distribution

Mail and Distribution

AMP-300 manages the Center-wide mail and distribution contract for the Aeronautical Center. These contractors are responsible for the mail and distribution services at the Center, handling over 1.3 million pieces of mail annually. This includes all United States Postal Service (USPS) mail and priority packages to include Fed Ex, UPS, DHL and other shipping options.

Also, the contractor picks-up packages and delivers mail to 185 locations across the Center. In calendar year 2020, they received 113,701 packages for delivery, and picked up 10,813 packages on-Center averaging 902 packages picked up per month.

Security, keys and electronic access

Security, Keys/Locks and Electronic Access

AMP-300 manages the Center-wide security service contract for the Aeronautical Center, which operates the Pass & ID desk at the Security Command Center. The Pass & ID office performs a variety of functions including programing PIV cards for electronic access to the facilities, issuing hard keys, and resetting and re-coring door locks across the Center. The Pass and ID desk Lock & Key Services team provides a secure environment for all Aeronautical Center employees, contractors, and students.

In conjunction with improving key control procedures and key data, the AMP-300 organization continuously reviews and updates the key request form (AC 1600-6) that can now be routed and submitted electronically. The new form is located on the FAA website and or can be accessed here Submit a Key Request (PDF).

Instead of bringing the hard copy form to the Pass & ID office, you can now follow these steps:

  1. Complete electronic Form AC 1600-6 and ensure that the requesting employee and manager both digitally sign the form.
  2. Initiate a new Key Access Request in Archibus and attach the completed AC Form 1600-6 (you must use the version in the link above).
  3. The Pass and ID Desk will contact the Key-holder when their new key is ready for pick-up.

Lastly, please turn in all keys to the Pass & ID Office when they are no longer needed, in addition to reporting lost or stolen keys. Please do not trade or give keys to anyone. Also, please coordinate with AMP-300 if you have any core/lock changes or upgrades planned for your organization. If you have any special requests, questions, comments or concerns please contact the Pass & ID desk at (405) 954-4620.

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