Aeronautical Center Receives OKC "High 5" Award
Vol.8 Issue 5

The City of Oklahoma City recommended the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) Environmental Compliance program for the "High 5" Award recognizing excellence in the industrial storm water program. Specifically, this includes excellent compliance with a storm water pollution prevention plan, outstanding records management, and excellent use of storm water program best management practices.

The City of Oklahoma City High 5 Award Certificate

The Industrial "High 5" Award was created by the City of Oklahoma City to recognize permit compliance excellence in Industrial Storm Water programs. Storm water inspectors look for excellent permit compliance in the following categories:

  • Overall Industrial storm water program management
  • Best management practices
  • Employee training
  • Spill prevention and secondary containment
  • Visual monitoring
  • Sample documentation
  • Storm water pollution prevention plan documentation
  • Spill response

MMAC maintains two separate Industrial, Multi-Sector Discharge Storm Water permits. One is issued by the City of Oklahoma City and the other is issued by the state of Oklahoma. The permits are issued every five years and the state has given reciprocity to the City of Oklahoma City to be the inspecting regulator. The Aeronautical Center is inspected semi-annually by the City of Oklahoma City, and annually by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. The success of this program has been due to the work of everyone at the Center over the years, which makes the job of staying in compliance easy.

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