Video Teleconference Upgrades at MMAC
Vol.8 Issue 4

Over the last two years, we have all grown very accustomed to using video tele-conferencing tools like ZOOM or Microsoft Teams. We know that as more people shift away from maximum telework and into new hybrid work schedules, these tools will continue to be very important, ensuring that we can stay connected and carry on our important mission. With that in mind, the MMAC Office of Facility Management has been working hard to upgrade the video teleconference systems in many of the Center’s shared conference rooms. The upgrades were done in conjunction with the FAA FAVES Program Office. In HQB, the upgrades include new all-in-one VTC systems that utilize DTEN monitors. The DTEN all-in-one interactive, touch-screen monitor has a 16-element microphone array, integrated stereo speakers, auto-focusing camera with automatic follow function, whiteboard display, echo cancellation, and an easy one-touch ZOOM meeting start button. The new systems look and feel very similar to a Zoom meeting on your computer.
In the HQB, we have installed Zoom compatible VTC systems in the following locations:

Headquarters Building

  • Einstein Room 148 - Max Capacity 25 people
  • Einstein Room 148A - Capacity between 28 - 90 people
  • Einstein Room 148B - Capacity 26 - 63 people
  • Einstein Room 148A/B Combined - Capacity 58 - 153 people
  • HQB Room BS21 - Capacity 26 - 63 peopleConference Room table capacity 15/ Perimeter seating capacity of 20

Headquarters Building Room B21
Headquarters Building Room 148
VTC Controller

At the Security Command Center, we upgraded several rooms as well. We installed new VTC systems that utilize the Poly X50 Video Bar that is controlled through an interactive tablet and displays on two 105” monitors. The Poly X50 Video Bar has similarities to the DTEN, like built-in microphones, integrated stereo speakers, auto focusing camera with automatic follow function, and an easy one touch ZOOM meeting start button.
In SCC, we have installed Zoom compatible VTC systems in the following locations:

Security Command Center

  • Large conference room 108 - Max Capacity 50 people
  • Medium Conference room 118 - Max Capacity 17 people
  • Small Conference Room 106 - Max Capacity 6 people

Security Command Center Room 118
Security Command Center Room 108
Federal Aviation Aministration (FAA) seal