Have you met the ESC Information & Digital Services "Metric Man?"
Vol.8 Issue 1
Chris Sage, Enterprise Services Center Application Branch Manager

Chris has a passion for data and what it can tell us about how well ESC Information and Digital Services (I&DS) is performing. Chris uses his knowledge to help ESC fulfill promises, deliver quality and improve the customer experience. Chris understands that our road to success depends on how well we understand ESC’s performance and business value that is offered to customers. Chris is a master at analyzing and drilling down into the data to determine the ’activity’ and ’effectiveness’ of the Delphi and ESC Prism service desk information.

This data helps Chris manage the Delphi and ESC Prism Tier 3 Service Desk team. Chris built a catalog of data to help the management team to clarify the expectations for the team which assists ESC personnel in monitoring areas of opportunity. The team also communicates to customers about delivering results compared to service level metrics.

Under Chris’s leadership, ESC has steadily reduced outstanding service desk tickets. He also uses his metric "powers" to help our senior leadership team and our Customer Account Representatives. Chris does this by providing customers with data visualization of service desk execution and responsive delivery of customers’ reported challenges.

Data Visualization chart example
Data Visualization chart example

Chris’ innovation skills on metrics using data visualization allows all service desk data to be captured for both Delphi and ESC PRISM, breaking their information down by agencies supported. Chris understands that selecting the right metrics is important to the success of the organization and that information sharing is a key factor for continuous improvement of the customer experience.

Thank you, Metric Man!

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