Important Information for Security Clearance Holders
Vol.8 Issue 1
Security Clearance

This information pertains to FAA employees who hold a security clearance.

As required by Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3, all FAA employees occupying a sensitive position or who hold a security clearance must report any planned or actual involvement in certain specified activities, including unofficial (personal) foreign travel. Affected employees already report these occurrences during their periodic reinvestigations related to their security clearances, but to enhance national security, SEAD 3 now requires such events to be reported on an ongoing basis, as they occur. All employees impacted by this requirement have received an email with additional information.

For additional information, including the full text of SEAD 3 and Frequently Asked Questions, please visit the MyFAA ASH web page. You may also email questions to Offices wishing to sponsor a SEAD 3 briefing for their employees with security clearances may contact: Michele O’Rourke.

Security Executive Agent Directive 3: Reporting Requirements for Personnel with Access to Classified Information or Who Hold a Sensitive Position
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