60 Years of Giving
Vol.7 Issue 8
60 Years of Giving

Overseen by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is the official workplace giving method for federal employees and retirees. This year, the CFC celebrates its 60th anniversary. Since its inception, the CFC has raised more than $8.5 billion for charities and people in need. As we recover from the challenges of the past year and meet the new challenges of 2021 and beyond, CFC pledges to make a real and meaningful difference to a countless number of individuals throughout our communities, our nation, and the world.

The MMAC 2021 CFC campaign runs from September 27th through December 17th. The Center’s fundraising goal for this year is $245,000.00. The MMAC CFC team kicked off the annual CFC campaign with the official, virtual Kick-Off event on September 28th.

CFC Cakewalk outside
CFC Fund Raising car show event

The Center’s CFC campaigns, and faces have changed a lot over the years, however the mission and need has not. The Center’s 2021 CFC Team hosted the first center-wide, Virtual Charity Fair on October 8th with speakers from Lake Area United Way, NewView Oklahoma, and WildCare Oklahoma.

Jenny Jamison from Lake Area United Way talked about how “Giving Changes Everything.” This CFC charity’s mission is to unite people and resources for the advancement of health, education, and financial stability of our communities, and has been in existence since 1915 in the Muskogee area. The United Way manages community initiatives to fill gaps between needs and agency responses. Their organization had three Days of Caring community events this year, and is hosting four blood drives in November. They have a fundraising goal of $500,000.00 this year. Their CFC Code is #23725.

Mark Ivy, Development and Public Policy Specialist for NewView Oklahoma shared his personal story on the loss of his eyesight, and how it led to feelings of isolation and depression. NewView’s mission is to empower individuals who are blind, or who have impaired vision, to maximize their opportunities for independence through all stages of life. This non-profit provides rehabilitation and clinical services, employment opportunities, and community programs. All services are free, with no strings attached for seniors. Their facility offers tours and they manufacture products for sale that support their mission. Their CFC Code is #77017.

The Executive Director for WildCare Oklahoma, Inger Giuffrida, also spoke at the event, about wildlife rehabilitation services, and explained that they take in approximately 8,000 “patients” a year. WildCare is a place for people to bring native animals that are injured, or are struggling to survive. WildCare is the sixth largest wildlife rehabilitation center in the United States. Some of their patients have included bobcats, racoons, eagles, deer, fox, turtles, bobcats, and squirrels. They treat over 240 different species annually. Common reasons for admission include being hit by cars, attacked by cats and dogs, gun-shots, window collisions, poisoning and yard work accidents. WildCare offers tours and many volunteer opportunities. Their CFC Code is #57195.

There are many great charities and causes to donate to through the Combined Federal Campaign. Go to https://cfcgiving.opm.gov/welcome to donate. You can also use your mobile device application site to locate the CFC mobile app. For more information on the MMAC’s CFC campaign, contact CFC chairs Debbie Uglean, Shelley Hoffman, Veronica Salazar, or Chanda Sanders. Please visit the MMAC’s CFC webpage at https://mycfc.org/mmac2021/.

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