MMAC Employees Answer the Call to Volunteer
Vol.8 Issue 4
Aeronautical Center Director, Michelle Coppedge and Deputy Director, Kevin O’Connor take time out of their schedules to volunteer their efforts at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

I am always asked, “Why do you volunteer?” I remember when I was a young mom and things were really tight, I had to make decisions on what bill to pay in order to purchase food. There were not many Food Banks in existence back then. Today the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma services in 53 counties in Oklahoma. The Food Bank helps anyone who needs a little help. The caveat is they need volunteers. Without the volunteers they are unable to meet their goals in helping our neighbors. With the increase in prices of food and gas, the Food Bank has been called upon to provide support, now more than ever. The True Sky Foundation (an entity formed to support and strengthen the True Sky Credit Union) is “Answering the Call.” In 2020, the Food Bank’s Volunteer Center had to close their doors to volunteers because of the COVID pandemic. They reopened their doors in 2021 but the volunteer numbers have not been what they were pre-COVID.

Vicki Craig shares a big smile as she helps sort food for the community
Aeronautical Center employees volunteer two hours of their time to help in sorting food.

The True Sky Foundation has made “Service” one of their foundational pillars. Helping people by helping people get involved in service, also provides parents with an opportunity to get their children involved in giving back to the community. This activity helps us get to know the people we work with, but never really had an opportunity to get to know outside of the work environment. It’s a great opportunity to meet our leaders like Michelle Coppedge and Kevin O’Connor along with their family members working alongside us in giving back to the community.

If you would like to “Answer the Call,” the True Sky Foundation will be hosting more volunteer events at the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma on July 30th and Sept 24th. Look for an announcement coming soon, or you may contact me directly at and let me know that you would like to sign up.

Say “Cheeze” – as MMAC Volunteers helped to sort and bag over 2,600 bags of Cheez-Its.
MMAC/True Sky Saturday afternoon volunteers prepare over 29 cases of canned goods.
Volunteers from across the Aeronautical Center enjoyed volunteering their time to help in our State’s fight against hunger.

Your neighbors need you now!

Members of the True Sky Foundation along with Aeronautical Center employees, families and friends who volunteered on May 28th.

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