If You Are a Veteran – Have You Registered?
Vol.8 Issue 4
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In 2017, the Oklahoma Legislature created the Oklahoma Veterans’ Registry. The Registry allows Oklahoma veterans to voluntarily identify themselves to the Oklahoma Department of Veterans’ Affairs (ODVA) to verify eligibility for state benefits. Once registered, ODVA can utilize the registry in reaching out to Oklahoma’s veterans to notify them of other state and federal benefits.

How to add your name to the Registry:
If you are an Active-Duty Service Member, National Guard member or Reservist, you can register by providing an application and copy of your current Military identification card to ODVA. If you have a discharge from previous active-duty service, you are eligible for the Veteran Identifier on your driver’s license.

Veterans may register by providing an application and copy of your military discharge to ODVA. Your discharge must include the characterization of service. Once you get enrolled in the Registry, you may get the Veterans Identifier on your Oklahoma Driver License or State ID card.

Is the eligibility for the Veteran Identifier and the discounted Registration renewal the same?
No. The Veteran Identifier on the driver license and the discounted registration renewal have different criteria as outlined in Oklahoma Statues. While applying to the Veterans’ Registry, ODVA will verify eligibility for both the Driver License Identifier and the discounted registration renewal.

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Eligibility for Veteran Identifier:

  • Military Discharge (DD214) with the following information:
  • Active-Duty Service (other than for training)
  • Honorable Service (Honorable or General, under Honorable Conditions)

Eligibility for Discounted Registration Renewal:

  • Military Discharge (DD214) with the following information:
  • Honorable Service (Honorable or General, under Honorable Conditions)
  • A service-connected disability of at least 50%, verified by the Federal VA

What is the best way to apply to the Registry?

  • Apply via the website
  • Email an attached application & discharge paperwork (DD214, NGB22) or military ID to: Registry@odva.ok.gov
  • Print out the application and Discharge documentation (DD Form 214, NGB22) or military ID & mail to:
    125 S. Main Street 1B38
    Muskogee, OK 74401
  • Please be aware that a local Service Officer is a good source of information and may be able to assist you. A current directory may be found at: https://oklahoma.gov/veterans/registry.html
  • Telephone (if the State already has your DD214 document) 1-888-655-2838
  • Print out and fax your application and discharge (DD214, NGB22) or military ID to: (918) 682-4645

Where to get a copy of your military discharge paperwork?
If you do not have a copy of your discharge from service, you may contact your Veterans Service Officer (VSO) or ODVA for a copy. If you are not originally from Oklahoma or have a special circumstance, please contact ODVA for further guidance. Once you submit a copy of your discharge, it will be maintained in the Oklahoma’s Veteran’s Registry. You must submit an acceptable form of your discharge such as a DD214 (Member 4 Copy) which shows your name, active-duty dates of service and characterization of discharge (Honorable or General, under Honorable conditions).

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