Nominations Announced for Pathfinder Awards Program
Vol.8 Issue 2
Time for Recognition Appreciation

The Aeronautical Center’s Pathfinder Award program is an annual honorary award program for federal employees. The Pathfinder Award program supports the Aeronautical Center’s Strategic Priorities of cost effectiveness, collaboration, communication, and culture, commonly known as "the 4-C’s". There are several award categories, for both individual and team awards. Each are designed to recognize employees’ accomplishments in the areas of initiative, innovation, organizational improvement, and efficiency. The award’s Period of Performance is January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021. Any employee can nominate a colleague for a Pathfinder award.

Previously, award nominations were open only to AFN Center organizations such as AMC, AMA, AMK, and AMP, however this year’s nominations are open to all eligible employees located at the Center. "We have so many talented and innovative employees across the entire MMAC. It is exciting that we are now able to receive nominations from across all Center organizations, to recognize their employees’ efforts and accomplishments through this program," stated Debbie Uglean, Pathfinder program manager.

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Uglean exclaimed, "Our team is working on a few program innovations that will make nominating an employee for a Pathfinder Award less cumbersome. I am mindful of the fact that we must compete for our employees’ time and efforts with other existing awards programs."

The Pathfinder 2021 nominees and winners will be formally recognized at the Pathfinder 2021 Award Program Ceremony that will take place in FY2022. Don’t miss out on this chance to recognize, reward, and celebrate efforts in innovation and leadership, ultimately resulting in overall improvements at the Aeronautical Center. Stay tuned, as the announcement for nominations will be revealed soon.

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