Volunteers Needed for STEM Outreach Events
Vol.8 Issue 2

Looking for that little something to give your career something meaningful? There are some rewarding opportunities in getting involved with students of varying ages through FAA’s science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) aviation space education (AVSED) outreach program.

To get started make sure you have your supervisor’s approval and enroll in online training in the Learning Management System (LMS):
#30202494 STEM AVSED: General Awareness (45 minutes)
#30202495 STEM AVSED: General Awareness for Supervisors (45 minutes)
#30303493 STEM AVSED Outreach Representative (1 hour)

Diligent proud engineer explaining how wind turbines work

There are several other courses available based upon your interest. Courses such as: STEM AVSED Talk the Talk; STEM AVSED Aerospace Career Options; Networking for STEM AVSED Outreach Representatives; Using MS Teams for STEM AVSED Outreach; Classroom Management for STEM AVSED Outreach; Imprinting Learning Microlearning for STEM Outreach Representatives, Applying Best Practices – Microlearning for STEM AVSED Outreach Representatives; Inspiring Young Learners Microlearning for STEM AVSED Outreach Representatives; Virtual Outreach Microlearning; FAA Aviation & Space Education Ambassador Workshop.

Due to the status of COVID in our community and nation, in-person STEM events are prohibited, however virtual events welcome our participation. Here are some current opportunities that need volunteers:

FAA Adopt-A-School Program
The FAA’s "Adopt-a-School" program returns for the Spring 2022 semester. The Adopt-a-School Program focuses on introducing 4th grade students to the wonders of different aerospace careers. One School from each Region across the country will be selected to participate in the 2021-2022 school year, based on the diversity of the populations they serve and proximity to FAA facilities. Adopt-a-School Outreach Representatives will receive everything needed to present six aerospace themed lessons to include: Drones, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Aviation Maintenance Technicians, Airports, and Space.

Two boys in the form of pilot and tourist planning their travel route on a globe

The lesson plans and engaging activities were created by learning professionals and reviewed by subject matter experts. Additionally, Outreach Representatives will be given guidance on presenting the lessons, including important background information and tips for presenting to students. We anticipate participation will require approximately 40 hours over a period of 4 months and you will need to obtain approval from your supervisor. An Informational Briefing is available on the STEM AVSED Teams Channel.
Spring 2022 Adopt a School OR Volunteers

Virtual Volunteer Judges Needed
The Oklahoma Technology Student Association (TSA) has issued a call for volunteer judges for the upcoming OK TSA State Conference on April 13th and 14th. This is a great opportunity to interact with students, review their projects and offer encouraging feedback. FAA STEM AVSED Outreach Representatives will only be able to participate in the virtual activities, so please enter "Virtual Judge" in the comments section of the application.
Oklahoma TSA Judge’s Sign-Up Form

STEM/AVSED – Aviation & Space Education

If you have a desire to get involved as a STEM Outreach Representative, please visit: Become an Outreach Representative

For more information about STEM AVSED Outreach, please contact MMAC’s new STEM AVSED Program Manager, (405)954-7367. If you know of some opportunities that the Center should be involved in within our community, please email 9-amc-STEM-AVSED@faa.gov.

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