Federal Executive Board’s 60th Anniversary
Vol.8 Issue 1
Oklahoma Federal Executive Board  Catalysts for Better Government

On November 10, 2021, the Federal Executive Board (FEB) celebrated their 60th anniversary as an ally for better government. This milestone is a demonstration of the dedication of our Federal Executive Board members and their steadfast commitment to our Nation. Their mission is to serve the federal, postal and military agencies in Oklahoma by unifying their efforts and enabling them to increase the effective and efficient delivery of services.

With 28 boards serving over 800,000 civilian employees, the Federal Executive Board Network has formed the backbone of the Federal Government’s efforts to develop our public servants and build interagency partnerships across America. By providing a convention to convey information from Washington to the field and connecting public servants to one another and their communities, our Federal Executive Boards are a demanding part of helping the Federal government fulfill their fundamental mission of serving the American people.

The hard work and dedication of the Federal Executive Board Network has also played an imperative role in keeping our communities safe and healthy as we fight COVID-19. Federal Executive Boards have continued their important functions during the pandemic by working remotely and serving as convening forums for agency leaders to continue to discuss concerns, share best practices, and provide guidance on returning to the office safely.

Happy 60th Anniversary FEB! Thank you for your tireless work, and congratulations on this monumental occasion. For more information about the Oklahoma Federal Executive Board, visit their website at https://oklahoma.feb.gov/

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