Aeronautical Center’s Annual CFC Telethon Sets New Records
Vol.7 Issue 8
Top left: CFC Co-Chairs Debbie Uglean, Shelley Hoffman, (bottom left) Veronica Salazar and Chanda Sanders

Could it have been the fact that people have been teleworking from home for months and needed to reconnect with others, or could it be that people enjoy hearing uplifting stories about ways that each of us can improve our world conditions? Was it about seeing our colleagues move around with their latest dance moves, or watching members of the leadership team take a pie in the face?

CFC Pie in the Face!

Whatever one’s reason for virtually joining the Aeronautical Center’s Second Annual Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Telethon, the end result proved to be a success. On November 17th, over a hundred people joined the come and go “Gifts of Gratitude” telethon via Zoom from 9am-4pm. With a lofty charitable goal of $20K set for the day, in just seven hours the Center raised $24,338!

CFC presenters for charities included Bailey Gordon, Jen Howard, Andrew Hanus, Jodi Sorenson, Nichole Veesaert, Melanie Anthony, Inger Giuffrida, Allison Parker, Marissa Noland, Lynn Haynes, and Chan Klingensmith
More CFC presenters for charities, including: Michael T. Jones, Karen Stark, Michael “Shayne” McGuffie, Dr. Kyle Abbot, Kevin Miller, and Candace Beaty

Debbie Uglean, MMAC’s CFC Chair comments, “Last year during our telethon, we didn’t set a goal because we didn’t really know what to expect. Without having a pre-determined goal, we raised $17,000 in FY 2020 which has since given us insight about the giving spirit of Aeronautical Center employees.”

The success of the telethon further demonstrates the engaged and giving culture demonstrated among the Center’s employees. This year the telethon had two speaker panels, one on mental health led by MMAC CFC Co-Chair Chanda Sanders and another panel on homelessness facilitated by Debbie Uglean, MMAC CFC Chair. A total of thirteen different charities participated in this year’s event: charities that involve health care, animal care and protection, medical research, food-agriculture & nutrition, social action, and art /culture.

Debbie Uglean introduces Cynde Starnes and Tom Burton to stroll down CFC Memory Lane

New to the telethon this year was a 60th Anniversary Celebration where former CFC Co-Chairs, Cynde Starnes and Tom Burton reminisced about past CFC events through a photo presentation, complete with cake and candles. Another activity that brought in funds and participation was the pie-in- the-face activity, delivered to several ‘willing’ leadership team members: A.L. Haizlip, Lesha Thompson, Jim Doskow, Dr. Melchor Antunano, Nicole Gage, Kim Sheppard, Kevin O’Connor and Michelle Coppedge.

MMAC Leadership took pies in the face for charity: Lesha Thompson, Jim Doskow, Kim Sheppard, Nicole Gage, Dr. Melchor Antuñano, A.L. Haizlip, Kevin O’Connor and Michelle Coppedge
CFC Dance Party movers and shakers

Another innovative activity was hosting two virtual dance parties, thanks to deejay Marcus, an employee from the Veterans Administration in Kansas City and a local federal coordinating chair. Uglean notes, “He was so impressed with our telethon that he’s been calling other agencies and headquarters to tell them that they need to do the same thing.”

The Aeronautical Center’s entire 2021 campaign goal is $245,000. There are several ways to contribute: by payroll deduction, a one-time contribution using a credit or debit card, check or e-check, or you can submit volunteer hours to your favorite charity. Donations are being accepted now through December 17th.

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