MMAC: Committed to Sustainability
Vol.8 Issue 8

On a cool, crisp autumn morning, the Aeronautical Center held a groundbreaking ceremony for the Center’s first Solar Array project on October 26. During this event FAA leadership, employees, community leaders, and representatives from several media groups gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking for the largest solar array located on any Department of Transportation / Federal Aviation Administration facility in the United States. Once construction is complete, the solar array will have approximately 3,800 solar panels that will generate 4% of the Center’s annual electric consumption (equivalent to the electricity needed to power 260 average homes annually). Not only will this project support Executive Order renewable energy mandates, but it will also result in annual cost savings through reducing utility costs and reduction of the Center’s environmental footprint.

Doug Lane, (Acting) ASW-2 with Center Director, Michelle Coppedge gathering for the Groundbreaking festivities.
Everyone in attendance was welcomed to sign a solar panel. To see the signed panel, it is currently on display in the Aeronautical Center’s HQ lobby.
Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt was among the distinguished guests to speak at the Solar Array Groundbreaking ceremony
FAA Leaders FAA, employees, community leaders, and representatives gathered to shovel some dirt for the Aeronautical Center’s new solar array farm
The event set-up included a series of signs depicting many of the Center’s sustainability accomplishments
Employees and guests alike took advantage of the selfie booth at the groundbreaking ceremony

Solar Array Groundbreaking

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