AsCEnD Cohort 2 Contributes to the MMAC Newsletter
Vol.8 Issue 7
Preparing a newsletter article will be a part of AsCEnD cohort 2 criteria

The Aeronautical Center Employee Development (AsCEnD) program’s second cohort recently met and were given a glimpse into the history of Aeronautical Center newsletters. The Quality Systems and Business Resources Staff (AMC-3) Communications Team presented an overview of what goes into preparing an article for a monthly publication. Laura Shepherd-Madsen, Bryan Dahlvang and Katy Williams provided a detailed explanation about the purpose of MONRONeYnews, how it has developed over the years, and how articles are prepared for this ongoing method of communication.

As a way to keep employees informed over the years, the MMAC Newsletter has been called "Fly By," "The Beacon," and "MMAC Intercom," but the current, electronic version is called "MONRONeYnews." The newsletter is updated monthly, and information from it is spread further via Center-wide broadcast e-mails, and through links to a larger audience through the AFN Update, and the Office of Communications’ FAA Daily Broadcast.

After the Communications Team’s presentation, the AsCEnD cohort was informed that an important part of becoming ambassadors of the Aeronautical Center would be to create articles of their own for MONRONeYnews.

So as a future series in our publication, be expecting a segment from AsCEnD volunteers covering many subjects, ranging from volunteer efforts to hobbies, or information relating to their individual, organization-specific programs. Debbie Uglean, AsCEnD Program Lead, said, "I gave the cohort this assignment because the program is not only a Center ambassador program, but also a professional development program. Good writing skills are essential in the workplace, especially for aspiring managers. Writing can also help to communicate with clarity, eliminate stress, and help in the development of critical thinking skills. I wanted to give the cohort a meaningful project of furnishing newsletter content, which will raise awareness about the AsCEnD program. It will also highlight employees (cohort members) from across the Center."

Be sure to watch for AsCEnD Cohort 2 member articles soon!

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