MMAC Tech Talk ‘Energizes’ Virtual Audience
Vol.8 Issue 4

On May 4th from 9am-10am, complete with the adage “May the 4th be with you,” the Aeronautical Center hosted a quarterly Tech Talk with the theme of Sustainability and Energy Conservation. The program was emceed by Justin Cockroft of the Quality Systems and Business Resources Staff. Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of the Aeronautical Center provided opening remarks. Two guests were featured during this live, virtual event.

Justin Cockroft, emceed the quarterly MMAC Tech Talk.
Kevin O’Connor, Deputy Director of the MMAC provided opening and closing remarks during the virtual event.

Hayley Burns, a Senior Market Outreach Specialist for CLEAResult Consulting delivered her presentation and talked about ways to implement electric utility programs in both New England and Oklahoma. Ms. Burns explained the different ways that Oklahomans can personally benefit through rebates and incentives.

Hayley Burns is a Senior Market Outreach Specialist for CLEAResult Consulting and supports OG&E’s Residential Programs.

Russ Goering, a Licensed Professional Engineer in the Office of Facility Management provided a presentation in which he talked about the Center’s historic sustainability achievements, reduction in energy usage and the ability to exceed renewable goals, and how 15 of 23 buildings at the Center are certified, sustainable federal buildings. He also covered topics such as prototype testing, harmonic filter projects, the new Executive Order 14057, the DOT’s focus on sustainability, the solar PV project and electric vehicles.

Russell Goering from the Aeronautical Center’s Office of Facility Management and the Center’s Certified Energy Manager by the Association of Energy Engineers was a featured guest speaker.

Questions were fielded at the end of the program and Mr. O’Connor offered closing remarks. The Aeronautical Center’s Tech Talks continue to be an important and informative means of discussing new and emerging technologies in our world.

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MMAC Tech Talks is open to anyone who is interested in the latest trends of the aviation and business industries. If you have ideas for future topics of discussion, suggested speakers for future Tech Talks, or if you would like to present a topic for discussion at a future Tech Talk, we would like to hear from you!

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