The ESC’s Evolving Customer Service
Vol.8 Issue 2
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Customer Service is the core element that makes the Enterprise Services Center (ESC) successful and is the heartbeat of the Customer Services Center branch. The Desk Side Support and Implementation unit understands the importance of continuous improvements surrounding customer service and satisfaction. During one the of the most difficult times, facing a global pandemic, the Desk Side Support and Implementation unit worked on streamlining processes and learning new troubleshooting techniques to better serve customers in a maximum telework environment. Learning new ways to troubleshoot issues remotely, expanding ESC’s loaner laptop program, and the ability to deploy laptops to remote employees has completely changed our customer service processes and enhanced the overall customer experience.

Pre-pandemic, the Desk Side Support and Implementation unit was accustomed to working in a true desk side support role. This meant having the ability to physically visit a customer and have hands-on access to their computer. Once the FAA moved to a maximum telework schedule, Desk side Support and Implementation had to start rethinking methods of supporting customers and how to remotely troubleshoot everyday issues. With fear, travel time, and inconvenience as primary motivators for customers not coming onto the Center premises, Desk Side Support and Implementation began researching how to resolve more software and minor hardware issues without asking customers to travel onsite to the Center. This allowed users to stay in one location, minimizing downtime, while enhancing the customer experience.

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Unfortunately, in a world of IT equipment, remote resolutions are not always feasible. To best serve the ESC customers, the Desk Side Support and Implementation unit expanded their loaner laptop program to provide laptops to all ESC supported customers. In times where Desk Side Support requires physical possession of a machine, loaner laptops are now made readily available. The loaner laptop program ensures that ESC customers can maintain their levels of production even while their primary laptop is being repaired. There have been numerous positive comments from customers and managers, voicing their appreciation about loaner laptop availability.

Over the last year, ESC has experienced a rise in employees and customers working out of state. This has brought a new challenge to the deployment team in AMK-262. This team has implemented new processes, allowing out-of-state customers to login to new machines remotely for setup and then being able to ship the machine to the customer’s location. This new process has reduced the amount of travel required for out-of-state employees and in turn has reduced the amount of funding required to hire remote desktop technicians. Utilizing FedEx overnight shipment, the Desk Side Support and Implementation unit can have customers up and running on their new computers quickly, whether it is an out of warranty replacement machine, break/fix replacement, or simply a new user. This process has greatly enhanced the overall customer experience and has helped maintain a high level of productivity throughout the entire ESC desktop customer base.

The average customer survey results for the 6 months leading up to the global health crisis were 97.17% positive
Over the last 6 months the average customer survey results have been 97.99% positive, and from October 2019 – January 2022 the average results were 97.67% positive.

Although the last year and a half has been filled with new challenges, the Desk Side Support and Implementation section stepped up, revamped numerous processes, and continues to maintain excellent customer service. These changes have led to success in enhancing the Enterprise Services Center’s overall customer experience and brought about solid processes that will be used for many years to come.

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