FAA Academy Earns Top Honors!
Vol.8 Issue 1

The Federal Government Distance Learning Association recently presented the Five Star Award to the FAA Academy Training and Evaluation branch. The Five Star award recognizes a Federal Government organization for their leadership and best practices in the development and application of proven distance learning technologies supporting the Federal Government.

This team of Instructional Systems Specialists developed a contingency plan to train all FAA instructors during the Global Health Crisis. In March of 2020 the team delivered a series of virtual workshops on the use of electronic delivery technology. The members used Zoom, Huddle and Skype to join forces and create virtual content from scratch.

Five Star Award presented to The Training and Evaluation branch

They implemented a virtual series of workshops that allowed the FAA to maintain training activities during the COVID-19 global health crisis. By August 2021 the team implemented over 150 virtual training classes and workshops to nearly 1,500 FAA Academy field employees and outside agencies.

This group was nicknamed the "Home Run Team", by their manager and it includes: Rich Schrum, John Espinosa, Melody Schobert, Jefferson Fluker, Casandra Hughes, Mike, Sazma, Jo Jones and Dennis Collins.

James Smith, AMA-23 Branch Manager said, "This team recognized the opportunity and value of virtual training by incorporating it into our learning ecosystem about 2 years ahead of the global health crisis. When the crisis occurred, they were poised and ready to contribute to the FAA Academy’s Success!"

AMA-23’s Train the Trainer Program Manager Rich Schrum was also recognized individually. He was awarded the Hall of Fame Award.

This award is given to individuals who have made a significant contribution in promoting and developing distance learning in the Federal Government. Rich, has been an integral part of the Academy’s Virtual Training Network, serving as Operations Manager. He has also provided leadership and consultative services to the Academy Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the utilization of instructional system design principals and methodologies in the virtual environment. Rich has served as a Lead for the Instructional Systems Developer team, responsible for developing and converting Academy resident training for delivery via distance learning.

Rich Schrum, AMA-23 Hall of Fame Award Recipient
Hall of Fame Award for Rich Schrum

Congratulations to the entire AMA-23 team!

They were honored at the Federal Government Distance Learning Association’s Virtual Awards Ceremony on Thursday, December 9, 2021.

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