Second AsCEnD Program Will Soon Open for Applications
Vol.8 Issue 1
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As we approach a possible return to full operational capabilities at the Center, AsCEnD (Aeronautical Center Employee Development Program) program manager Debbie Uglean is preparing to launch a second AsCEnD cohort. The AsCEnD program is a competitive 7-month development program for non-supervisory Center employees. The program helps heighten employee engagement by familiarizing the participants with the Center and its initiatives through briefings, workshops, teambuilding events, tours, and projects. The program’s focus is not only on Center familiarization, but also on collaboration, cost effective mindset, communication, and culture as it relates to the MMAC. Twenty-four Center employees graduated from the first cohort in January of 2021.

The AsCEnD program’s application consists of several open-ended questions, and applications will require management endorsement. Applicants must be working in a full-time status and have at least one year of FAA MMAC experience by the application submission deadline. Temporary employees and those not physically located at the MMAC are not eligible to participate in the AsCEnD program. The cohort meets one full day per month in person, during work hours and is expected to have up to four hours of various participation opportunities outside of normal duty hours.

Applications for the next cohort will be open to all qualified employees in MMAC and Tenant organizations at the Center. This cohort is expected to be larger than the last, and will possibly be divided into two groups which will come together at various points throughout the program. AsCEnD program manager Debbie Uglean is currently working with the FAA Academy (AMA), the Office of Facility Management (AMP), the Enterprise Services Center (AMK), and the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) on program content. She is also working to make any necessary updates to program documentation and processes. Watch for more information in the coming months on the program and the open application period. In the meantime, contact Debbie Uglean with any questions regarding the program.

Members from the first cohort of the AsCEnD program receive a briefing from AMC Leadership
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