Staying Up-to-Date with ESC’s Systems Operations Managed Services
Vol.7 Issue 3
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The Enterprise Services Center’s (ESC) Systems Operations and Managed Services Branch (AMK-220) is currently working on several initiatives that range from Robotic Process Automation (RPA), credentialing and access to Delphi database upgrades and several cybersecurity improvements. Accustomed to simultaneously working several initiatives, members of the (AMK-220) Team have been hard at work. Here is a sample of some of the projects that they currently have underway:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
    Members of the technical teams have made significant progress on this effort over the past few weeks. It is the Oracle Identity Management credentialing that leverages against the Active Directory, that helps the team to complete the User Acceptance Test (UAT) environment. Further, middle tier administrators have joined the third middle tier server to the environment that has been designated to host only robotic ("bot") automation traffic. The RPA team continues to test access and functionality. Once testing has been successfully completed, the technical teams will implement any necessary changes to the Production environment.

  • Crowdstrike Attack Assessment
    The ESC is supporting an effort to perform an attack assessment that is being led by the FAA. This assessment requires agents to be installed on all ESC-EDC servers, helping to monitor metadata and potentially providing actionable intelligence for ESC’s technical teams. Agents will be installed through automation and then removed, once the attack assessment is complete.

  • Delphi E-Business Suite (EBS)
    The ESC Teams are preparing to apply the annual E-Business Suite (EBS) release update pack (RUP) to the Delphi system. Oracle typically releases an update each year in September. RUP 12.2.10 was released in September of 2020. Oracle’s announcement mentions 12.2.10 and includes new features, statutory and regulatory updates, and requested enhancements which were voted on by the Oracle E-Business Suite Community. Additionally, there will be some functional innovations along with user interface modernization, and increased operational efficiency. The Enterprise Services Center plans to apply the 12.2.10 RUP during FY21 R3 in May 2021.

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  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) Remediation
    The ESC technical teams are working diligently to remove TLS 1.0 and 1.1 wherever necessary. The FAA has set a deadline for 3/31/2021 to have this remediated across all systems. The ESC team is working with all customers to remediate this on both the Operating System and the application layers. This has been an ongoing project for several months, but now the teams are on the final stretch of completion.

Juggling multiple incoming priorities is never straightforward, but the technical teams of AMK-220 know how to make it look easy. They are leveraging resources, and helping to reshape information technology while keeping it safe for everyone.

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