There’s a New Ship Coming into Port……Skillport
Vol.3 Issue 2
Ship steering into port

Skillport is a direct link to the Skillsoft learning tools, and there’s an easy way to access them. There are three ways to launch Skillsoft using the new Skillport – you can launch through the eLMS splash page, a direct link outside of eLMS, and via your mobile device.

Launch Skillport through the eLMS splash page

Rather than accessing Skillsoft through the eLMS catalog (Skillsoft 24x7, Knowledge Centers) now you can launch it from the eLMS splash page. Skillport calls up the same Skillsoft learning tools found in the eLMS catalog:

  • Courses
  • Books 24x7
  • Videos
  • Live Events

However, it’s a quicker link because these learning tools are accessible on the spot. There’s no need to go to the eLMS catalog and look up Skillsoft learning tools.

How do I get to Skillport from the eLMS splashpage?

It’s just click away. Go to the Skillsoft tab near the top left of your eLMS homepage. It’s next to the FAA tab. Click on it.

Skillsoft’s splash page describes Skillport’s functions and ease of use. Launch Skillport from here.

  • Click on “Launch Skillport” just above and to the left of the Skillport logo. From there you go to the “my access” screen. Login the same way you login to eLMS.

Now you’re in Skillport.

What’s there?

  • “Live Events” - where you can listen to guest speakers on a variety of subjects, designated for specific dates/times
  • A library of courses, e-books, short videos, and self-improvement resources
  • Links to other FAA learning sites
  • Strategic Leadership Capabilities (SLC)

What are Strategic Leadership Capabilities (SLC)?

  • SLC’s are a breakdown of leadership competencies and you can select a specific section to learn more
  • Each section references e-books, short videos, and a variety of Skillsoft learning tools to enhance your leadership capabilities.

Launch Skillport through a direct link outside of eLMS

What is the link?

You immediately enter Skillport’s homepage without going through eLMS.

Launch Skillport is through your mobile device

How do I access eLMS through my mobile device?

  • Follow the link on the Skillport home page beneath the Strategic Leadership Capabilities (SLC)
  • A short video instructs you how to install the Skillsoft Learning App.

Try any one of these options, and use the one that best fits your learning style.

Three ways to access SkillSoft.
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