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Financial Services

Integrated Accounting and Intelligent Automation Services

Audit Support

All transactions are supported by appropriate audit trails. ESC is highly experienced in meeting financial audit requirements. ESC clients are guaranteed help and guidance throughout the entire audit process, ensuring that all federal requirements are met accurately and on-time. ESC supports all customers in providing documentation to support internal and external audit reviews.

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Data Integrity Services

Ensuring reliable data is a paramount function of ESC. Our accounting teams produce an accurate Statement of Transactions for submission to the U.S. Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service. Reviews of general ledger accounts are conducted to confirm accuracy and integrity. ESC system personnel are highly skilled in working with federal agencies, upholding their financial credibility and improving the likelihood of obtaining annual unqualified audit opinions.

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Federal Financial Consulting

With years of experience in providing federal financial consultations, ESC's financial experts can guide customers through any financial situation. Since it is a requirement for federal agencies to provide the same internal controls and financial reporting as that of publicly traded companies, ESC safeguards clients by complying with the Office of Management and Budget directive OMB Circular A-123. ESC further protects its clients by clearly defining compliance controls in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE-18). ESC has helped numerous clients achieve their goals, while improving their business processes and increasing workflow efficiencies.

Functional Systems Support And Training

ESC personnel are readily available to answer questions and help customers complete critical accounting functions. The goal is to ensure there isn't a work stoppage due to any accounting issues. ESC personnel are prepared to work around the clock until issues are resolved. Teams of system accountants and analysts work seamlessly to implement upgrades and enhancements to the ESC's financial management system.

Another objective of ESC is to provide clients with the best tools possible to do the job while avoiding any potential downtime. ESC is willing to provide needed training while continually updating all on-line support documentation.

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Reporting And Analysis

ESC accountants work closely with clients to produce the proper financial statements and support documentation, while collaboratively making adjustments as required. Reporting and Analysis involves the process of providing reports in response to the unique requests of management, as well as furnishing all standard reports.

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Transaction Processing

The ESC excels in the performance of accounts payable and receivable functions. Transaction services offered include: interfacing with travel systems, processing electronic payments, handling permanent change-of-station payments for employees, real-time validation of travel and purchase cards, processing credit cards, invoice validation, scanning services, grant payments, payroll support, obligated funds, project accounting, and capitalization of fixed assets.