Mutual Aid Pledge System (MAPS) … An Added Benefit to Aeronautical Center Employees
Vol.9 Issue 3

The reasons why employees join the Mutual Aid Pledge System or MAPS, varies greatly among the members and officers. The organization is employee operated and is a means of families helping families. The premise is simple, most every employee at the Aeronautical Center is able to join, and there is no membership fee. You only have to complete a MAPS Beneficiary card and send it to one of the officers.

Whenever a MAPS member passes away, you will be notified to donate $5.00 to the fund. You have six working days after notification to make your payment. The funds are then distributed to the designated beneficiary of the employee that passed away. Fortunately, the payment turnaround is fairly quick to help the bereaved with whatever expenses they deem necessary. The more members within MAPS, the higher the payout to the beneficiary. Please consider making a difference in the life of a fellow colleague.

The MAPS Organization is currently having all members update their beneficiary cards onto a new format, so this is the perfect time to join.

In talking with some MAPS Members, here are their reasons for joining….

"The MAPS program is a great opportunity to support the families of fellow MMAC employees in their time of grief and when they need it the most. It is just one of those things that defines the culture of the MMAC, and it is wonderful reflection of the character and generosity of the workforce. I urge everyone to learn more about the program and consider signing up – and I hope this year’s membership drive is successful."
- Kevin O’Connor, MMAC Deputy Director

"I joined the FAA in June of 2021 and joined the MAPS program shortly after. It gives me great peace knowing that if something were to happen to me, a financial burden would immediately be taken off my family with the help of the MAPS program. Receiving a death notification always comes with great sadness. However, I find peace knowing that a family will have one less worry when they receive their check from the MAPS program."
- Lindsey Velazquez, Human Resource Specialist, AHL-C400

"I support MAPS because MAPS provides a cushion for survivors that requires no effort on their part following what is arguably one of the most trying times of their lives."
- Liam P.M. Donahue, Aeronautical Information Specialist, AJV-A431

"I don’t know of any other way to spend $5.00 and make such an impact on people’s lives. MAPS does just that! It’s the least expensive, guaranteed ’life insurance policy’ out there!"
- Lori Bennett, Management & Program Analyst, AJG-R12

Please consider being part of this worthwhile program. MAPS has been around since 1962 and the approximate total number of payouts since that time is $2.5 million.

Mutaual Aid pledge System (MAPS) Brochure
Mutaual Aid pledge System (MAPS) Membership/Beneficiary Form

Have you thought about becoming a MAPS member?
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