STEM Activities Keep Outreach Representatives Busy
Vol.9 Issue 8
FAA booth at Oklahoma Technology Student Association Fall Leadership Conference
David Williams, an Aeronautical Center STEM Outreach Representative, interacts with several students providing information about potential aviation careers

On Wednesday, October 18th, STEM Outreach Representatives from the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center actively engaged in the Oklahoma Technology Student Association (TSA) Fall Leadership Conference. During the Conference, the students attended workshops aimed at enhancing their leadership skills. Students actively engaged in STEM challenges alongside other industry outreach partners like the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Additionally, they interacted with industry professionals and fellow TSA members from across the state.

STEM Outreach Representatives provided students with information about Aviation Careers while actively engaging with the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute’s fixed-wing flight simulators and an Air Traffic Control ’Practice’ simulator. Approximately 1,200 students from nearly 250 schools across Oklahoma actively attended the event held at Embassy Suites in Norman. This presented an excellent opportunity for students to meet educators from various schools. The conference concluded with students actively participating in a community service event, creating blankets, dog toys, or warming kits to assist community members.

On Tuesday, October 17th, STEM outreach representatives participated in the Moore High School Career Day, where almost 60 colleges and companies from around Oklahoma were in attendance. Students from 9th through 12th grades interacted with professionals to discuss college options and explore career opportunities that are available right here in our state. Several students who had previously been on a tour at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center stated that the Transportation Safety Institute’s ’boneyard’ was one of their favorite parts of the tour. Moore Public Schools offers Aviation and Aircraft Maintenance courses through a partnership with the Oklahoma State Department’s CareerTech.

Engineering students from the Moore Norman Technology Center take a tour of the Aeronautical Center

Moore Public Schools kicked the month of November off with a STEM event. The Aeronautical Center hosted a group of 22 high school juniors and seniors with the Moore Norman Technology Center engineering program. This program is considered college preparatory for students in the Norman and Moore High School districts who are interested in a future career in engineering. Participating students were given an overview of the Aeronautical Center and how our work contributes to the FAA’s mission of ensuring safe and efficient airspace. Following the overview, students visited the Transportation Safety Institute to learn about aircraft accident investigations. The group also toured the Center’s hangars and planes in the Flight Program Operations area and later toured the FAA Academy, where they explored the Air Traffic Control Gate Maze simulation and received a demonstration of the Approach Landing System.

(L-R) Jamie Loving and Debbie Uglean of the Quality Systems & Business Resources Staff (AMC-3) have their booth set up and were ready to speak with students about exciting careers in aviation

The Aeronautical Center was also represented at the EvenMoore Career Expo where 1,500 high school juniors were present! The students spent the day exploring careers by engaging with professionals from across different industries. Students rotated among five 25-minute session areas, where they could ask questions and research educational requirements and career paths. They could also investigate salaries of different types of jobs that they might be interested in pursuing. Other industries participating in the event included law enforcement, construction, medical, cybersecurity, military, and local colleges.

The Center’s AMC-3 organization participated in a Halloween-themed "Spooky" STEAM Night, hosted by Ridgecrest Elementary School in the Mid-Del School District. The event provided families of students in Pre-K through 5th grade with an opportunity to dress up in costume and enjoy activities centered around Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. One of the favorite activities of the evening was being able to physically interact with a lemur, a wallaby, and a snake from one of the attending vendors. Aeronautical Center Outreach Representatives educated students about what we do at FAA while allowing them to practice their skills as potential Air Traffic Controllers.

David Williams of the FAA’s Logistics Center talks to students about his personal aviation career path.
FAA Employees (R-L) Javier Quiñones (Tech Ops), David Williams (Logistics), Tony Wilson (IT) and Erick Dahlgren, (B-21 Maintenance Program Manager from Tinker Air Force Base) volunteer their time with STEM outreach to engage students about career possibilities.

The first week of December, the Aeronautical Center Chapter’s of the National Hispanic Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees (NHCFAE) visited the Aviation Careers class of Mrs. Angela Cotton at Tuttle High School. NHCFAE members talked with the students about career paths in aviation and the different kinds of programs one can pursue those opportunities. The FAA team shared their personal career paths and experiences in the aviation field. Students were able to ask questions and amplify their horizons about aviation careers. The members are planning to visit other Oklahoma schools in the near future, hoping to extend their knowledge and career guidance to any interested students. These types of STEM AVSED activities help to promote collaboration between the FAA and our local community.

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