Time Out for Fun
Vol.9 Issue 8
"Barbie" drove her pink Mustang to deliver candy to the children of the Launching Pad

Providing a safe place for children to go trick or treating, employees of the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center (MMAC) held a "Trunk or Treat" experience for children of the Launching Pad Childcare Facility this past Halloween.

"Barbie" served candy and treats from the trunk of her pink Mustang, as did "Mario" and "Alice in Wonderland" (in their own vehicles), among other MMAC employees in various Halloween costumes, which made the Trunk or Treat experience very festive.

Unfortunately, the weather was a bit cooler than expected, necessitating coats and hats which covered many costumes. But despite the 45° weather with wind chills that made it feel several degrees colder, the children enjoyed parading past nearly 20 vehicles with open trunks to collect goodies.

Supportive adults could be heard above the timid "trick or treat" calls of children, exclaiming how great their costumes were. Events like this, where kids can enjoy traditional activities in the safety of the Aeronautical Center reinforcing a family-like atmosphere.

Smiles from the children warmed the area as they paraded past open trunks, collecting treats from the employees who will one day pass the torch to them. Hopefully, in years to come, these youngsters will remember how employees Center employees were afforded time to encourage young minds, making this facility feel more like home.

With heartfelt activities like this, it’s really no surprise that the Aeronautical Center has won Top Workplace status for the fourth year in a row.

"Mario" handed out super candy to children of the Launching Pad
"Alice in Wonderland" provided treats to children of the Launching Pad
Employees in costume and decorated vehicles prepare for the parade of Trunk or Treating children to come by
Whether dressed as a dog or skeletons, employees enjoy Trunk or Treating as much as the visiting children.
Many employees volunteered their time and made Halloween a special occasion for the children of the Launching Pad Child Care Facility
Young ones from the Launching Pad collect candy from employees during Trunk or Treat
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