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Vol.8 Issue 7
Highly engaged employees

In March of 2016, AMC Senior Leadership initiated an effort to measure and improve employee engagement. Since our first AMC Employee Engagement Survey in 2016, we have made significant improvements to overall engagement.

For example, (in 2016) 41% of "other government organizations" had higher levels of employee engagement. By 2022, only 1% of other government had higher levels of employee engagement than the Aeronautical Center. We are now among the elite government agencies who are considered high performing and a great place to work!

To continue our journey, the AMC Senior Leaders approved the establishment of a cadre of Employee Engagement Champions. Fifteen employees, both supervisory and non-supervisory, were selected to attend a 2-day intensive training course covering all aspects of employee engagement, aimed at learning how to help create an engaging workplace. This means AMC now has a network of knowledgeable advisers who effectively advocate for and direct engagement initiatives throughout the organization. They provide encouragement and support to leaders, managers and teams for the purpose of promoting and facilitating the creation of highly engaged and productive teams.

AMC Employee Engagement Champions can help guide managers through the engagement process over time, assist teams in developing action plans, provide consulting support to help explain and interpret the Q12 survey results, and provide training on employee engagement principles and the Q12 survey.

Your AMC Employee Engagement Champions are:

James Smith
Conley Wicker
Mark Godfrey
Alan Mabee
Amy Steele

Vicki Ray
Joey Muth

Fatina (Tina) Hagan
Ryan Wisniewski
Sheila Johnson
Rebeka McBride
Glendon Hudson

AMC At Large
Sheree VanNoy
Debbie Uglean
Kim Sheppard

If you have questions, or your team needs assistance developing action plans, please reach out to one of the Champions.

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