Introducing the Revamped Season of "The Air Up There" Podcast
Vol.10 Issue 1
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This podcast has undergone a transformation to bring audiences captivating stories within the realm of STEM/AVSED. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious mind exploring the aerospace industry, this podcast is crafted to inspire and inform.

What’s New?

  • Focused on STEM/AVSED: The podcast now centers on narratives that highlight remarkable individuals, careers, organizations, and concepts shaping the aerospace landscape.
  • Targeting a Younger Audience: Tailored with a younger audience in mind, the podcast aims to make STEM topics accessible and engaging for the next generation.
  • Conversational Format: Structured in a conversational format, each episode offers a human voice, providing a unique and relatable perspective on the aerospace world.

Current Season Highlights
Explore a diverse range of topics in the current season, including:

  • Neurodiversity:Uncover stories of individuals breaking barriers in aerospace and championing neurodiversity within the industry.
  • Aerospace Influencers: Get acquainted with the influencers shaping the future of aerospace and aviation.
  • High-Tech Sports: Dive into the intersection of aerospace technology and high-tech sports, revealing fascinating connections previously unseen.
  • Educational Institutions: Discover the educational institutions at the forefront of STEM AVSED, that are nurturing the next generation of aerospace leaders.

Special Featurettes:
Each episode comes complete with 30-60 second featurettes, designed to broaden awareness on various relevant FAA items. These brief insights delve into the regulatory aspects of aerospace, contributing to a more informed audience.

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